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Publication in Journal of Inheritance Law and Succession (JEV) 02/2022

Dr. Christian Geisselmann, LL.M., attorney at law, wrote an article entitled "Außerstreitverfahren oder Zivilprozess? - The Problem of Choosing the Correct Procedural Law when Enforcing Claims Concerning Liechtenstein Foundations", a 13-page paper published in the current issue of the Journal of Inheritance Law and Succession (JEV) 02/2022.

For this co-editor of the JEV Univ.-Prof. Dr. Martin Schauer comments:

"He (attorney-at-law Dr. Christian Geisselmann, LL.M.) deals with a controversial and for practice extremely important issue in judicial supervisory proceedings on Liechtenstein foundations - namely the choice of the right legal course. In a detailed analysis, he illuminates the case law and develops a concise system. In view of the growing attractiveness of the Liechtenstein foundation also for the wealth planning of Austrian investors, this contribution deserves the attention of Austrian advisors."

- Univ.-Prof. Dr. Martin Schauer in Journal of Inheritance Law and Succession (JEV) 02/2022, 37


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